Brighouse branch is hosting the Children’s Arts Festival from February 18 – 21. The library will be louder than usual from 9:00am – 3:00pm while the festival is taking place. Thank you for your patience during this exciting week.

Printers, Photocopiers & Scanners


Printers are available in all branches. Please see a staff member if you have difficulties connecting.

Cost to Print: $.20 per page for single-sided, $.30 for double-sided (Black & White).
Cost to Print: $.60 per page for single-sided, $.90 for double-sided (Colour).


Every branch has a photocopier.

Cost to Photocopy: $.20 per page for single-sided, $.40 for double-sided. Colour photocopying is not available.


Scanners are connected to specific computer stations at each branch. Scanner usage is limited to 60 minutes.

Please see branch-specific information for scanner availabilities at each location.


Book a Scanner

Cost to Scan: Free

Print From Your Own Laptop and Mobile Devices