Brighouse branch is hosting the Children’s Arts Festival from February 18 – 21. The library will be louder than usual from 9:00am – 3:00pm while the festival is taking place. Thank you for your patience during this exciting week.

Public Computers

RPL public computers provide access to Internet and software programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Branch-specific Computer Services

Different branches have different types of work stations and booking durations.

» Book a computer at your branch.

Computer Booking System Features

Automatic Booking Extensions 
(Based on Availability)

If there are enough computers available after your time limit is reached, your session will be automatically extended.

Make a Scheduled Booking

Because of the automatic extensions, we recommend booking a computer station in advance, rather than depending on the availability of walk-up bookings.

Smart Booking Assignment

The system will automatically assign you a computer in the area you have selected. Booking specific computer stations is not supported.

Early Sign-On

The system will allow you to sign on early to an unused station you have booked.

Book a Computer